Posted by: Bobby Billings | February 28, 2010

The Giant Jam Sandwich -Text Talk Lesson

Bobby Billings

The Giant Jam Sandwich -Text Talk Lesson

Story and Pictures by John Vernon Lord

Verses by Janet Burroway

ISBN = 0-395-16033-2


One hot summer in the town of Itching Down, four million wasps fly into town. The poor townspeople try everything, but it soon seems as though the menacing swarm will completely overrun Itching Down. That is until the baker comes up with an extraordinary plan to rid the town of wasps, once and for all.


The main focus of The Giant Jam Sandwich is how the townspeople, (with all their differences), come together to rid the town of it’s huge problem.  They meet together, come up with a solution, and all take a part in bringing the plan together.


Begin the lesson by pointing out key parts on the cover such as the title, author, and illustrator.  Ask the children how many of them have heard the story of The Giant Jam Sandwich. If any, tell them to keep it a secret so everyone else can learn the story.


Whats going on so far?   (Wasps/bees are taking over the town.)

 How many wasps were there? (4 million)

What do you think the word “nuisance” means?  (Pest, bother, aggravates)


Who came up with an idea to get rid of the wasps?  (Bap the Baker)

What was his idea?  (Make a giant Strawberry Jam Sandwich and trap them in it.)

PAGE  10

What does it mean when they say the loaf was a mountain is shape and size? ( It was really big).


COMMENT – a “spade” is a small shovel you use to dig in the ground.


Can anyone tell me what are these flying machines called? (Helicopters).

Do you think this plan is going to work?  (Lets keep reading and find out.)

PAGE 24-25

COMMENT = Explain  what “not a waspish sort of town” means. (Wasps do not belong there.)


Look at the picture carefully on page 24 and 25.  Tell me some things you notice that are going on?  (You want then to observe not only the celebration, but that the villagers are making good use of the leftover bread and in particular, the birds are flying away with the giant wasp-filled sandwich.)




So what happened to the wasps at the end?  (Got trapped in the sandwich and the birds flew off with them and ate them in the sandwich.)


What did we learn from the story?  (It is easier to solve problems when everyone works together).





Nuisance- (Pest, bother, aggravation)

Spade- (a small shovel you use to dig in the ground)



  1. Nice lesson. This is a great book! I like how you pointed out the way the villagers are using the leftover bread! This, too, has a great message for students. Things go much better when we work together!

  2. Great lesson! This sounds like a fun book, I can’t wait to read it. I liked the moral of the story, it is easier to solve problems when everyone works together. This is something all kids, even adults need to work on. Good job! -Alicia

  3. Excellent Bobby.


    Woody Trathen

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